This package comes with 9 insert bats and 1 outer bat.


The North Star Universal Bat System will save you tons of shelf space when it comes to throwing smaller items. 


The final fit of the inserts is determined by the users personal preference. The inserts are made from Medex which absorbs moisture and changes the dimensions of the insert. They hit the sweet spot between being easily removable and tight enough to keep the cavity free of clay and slurry. For best results you may lightly sand the inserts on all four sides.


The pocket in the bat is cut slightly deeper than the thickness of the bat insert, (1/32-1/16 of an inch deeper). This allows for expansion of the insert due to water absorption during the “settling in” period. In the mean time, you may raise the insert by placing several balls of clay in the pocket before you install the insert. Press down on the insert to level-off the insert with the bat body. 

NorthStar 860-Universal Bat System

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