This Starter Set Includes:


1 Clay Boss Pottery Wheel

1 Shimpo Adjustable Stool

1 Set Studio Pro Plastic Bats


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Clay Boss® Wheel: 

With a .5 HP industrial motor and 100lb centering capacity,  Clay Boss has quickly become one of the most popular wheels on the market today.  The Clay Boss features a polyethylene tabletop and two-part splash pan for easy cleanup, 14” wheel head and foot pedal with smooth, variable speed control (0-240 rpm).  Its reversing plug allows for quick and easy changes of wheel direction, and its sophisticated load-sensing control ensures that the wheel head speed is maintained under changing loads. 10-year warranty.


Shimpo Adjustable Stool:

The adjustable leg stool allows an assortment of heights to accommodate everyone, and can be tilted to relieve strain on your lower back. The tilt feature also puts you over your work to help you while centering on the wheel. The stool is finished attractively with a white frame and blue seat. The adjustable leg stool not only serves the potter but will also comfortably fill the needs of the painter and sculptor.



-Adjustable legs (tilt seat feature)

-Nine adjustable Slots

-Cushioned padded seat provides long comfort

-2 year Warranty


Studio Pro Plastic Bats- 5 Pack:

They're easy to care for, have great design details and are extremely versatile. Plastic eliminates warping issues which makes these bats perfect for schools and art centers where wet pots are often left covered on bats for a long time.

These Plastic Bats are textured on both sides so clay adheres equally well on either surface: a true "two-sided" bat. Rounded or "bull-nosed" edges provide durability and easy lifting. They are cut from a high-quality marine grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is produced using a patented extrusion process. This ensures perfect flatness of every sheet and every bat!





KP Studio Starter

  • It's been a long time coming! We're excited to offer Kilauea Pottery's favorite wheel setup, sold straight from our downtown Hilo location! 


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