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Wheel throwing can be intimidating! We'll break down the process to make it fun and manageable and send you home with pieces you'll be proud of.


We're currently offering monthly classes for those looking to throw weekly and learn the skill.

Single, try-out classes are on hold, but may return around the holidays.



Monthly Classes 

$225/$275 Month

Currently on Fridays and Saturdays. These classes fill quickly, so please plan ahead and get your name on the waitlist.

Please call or email to explore your options and to book your session!



Tea Pot

Tea Time

Hand-built tea sets for 1 or 2

1-Day Workshop with Jamie Stokes

TBA, Early 2023

"Tea- a way to the moment."~T.G. 

Come learn to hand-build your own tea pot and 2 cups! You'll be using a combination of pinching, coiling, and slab-building techniques. No experience necessary.


All materials included 

Flower Vases

Hand-built Bottles/Vases

1-Day Workshop with Jamie Stokes

TBA, Early 2023 

There's nothing better than flowers and foliage to transform our dwellings and lift our spirits.  

In this class you'll create a unique vessel  for your favorite botanicals; and we'll introduce you to working with slabs and coils to create height, balance, and function. No experience necessary.


All materials included 

Hydrangea Flowers
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